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Registration control:

List of announced participants


Germany is a member of the European Union. Citizens from the European Union are allowed to enter without visas. Citizens from other countries who need visas according to the international regulations have to get visas at the German Embassies/Consulates in their home countries. If you need an invitation from the German Fencing Association please contact info(at)


1.) To register heads of delegation, officials, coaches, referees and accompanying persons, please send completed registration form.

2.) Fencers should be preferably registered online by the national representative by visiting Ophardt-Team-Sportevent. National representatives who are already users of the Ophardt-Team-Sportevent online-system may directly login and go forward as usual. National representatives who are not yet users are invited to become new users. Please follow instructions.

National representatives who don’t want to register fencers online may also send completed registration forms for fencers: Ladies / Men.

  • Entry form ‘Ladies’ (not necessary when registered online)
  • Entry form ‘Men’ (not necessary when registered online)
  • NEW: Entry form ‘Teams’ (not necessary when registered online)


With the registration the national federation confirms that their fencers and referees are in possession of a FIE-Licence 2015/2016.

According to the FIE organization rules:

  • o.88: Entries must be sent to the organisers by the competitors’ national federation.
  • o.89: At the Veterans World Championships, entries for the individual events are limited to four fencers in each category per gender, per weapon and per nation. The names must be the same as those on the FIE Licences

Entry Fee

The entry fee amounts to 55 Euros per individual event and 140 Euros per team event. Please transfer entry fees before September 10th, 2016 to the following account:

Landesfechtverband MV
IBAN: DE02 1505 0500 0102 0588 81
BIC: NOLADE21GRW (Sparkasse Vorpommern)

Federations from non-Euro countries may pay in cash at the accreditation office.


The accreditation office will open all days from October 10th to 15th, 2016 according to the schedules. Athletes have to collect their accreditation at latest 12:00 noon the day before their first competition. Access to the competition area will only be granted with valid accreditations.

To receive an accreditation the following has to be produced / checked at the accreditation office:

  • A valid registration
  • Passport or Identity card
  • Waiver of liability (fencers) (see here)
  • FIE Licence 2015/2016 (fencers)
  • Payment of entry fee(s) (fencers)


According to the FIE organization rules

  • o.81.1. a): The number of FIE A or B Grade referees (cf. t.35) that must accompany teams to Veteran World Championships is:

1–4 fencers: No obligation to provide a referee
5–9 fencers: One referee
10 or more fencers: Two referees

  • o.92: Participating countries must notify at least one month in advance whether they will either bring the required number of referees or pay the penalty, in order to allow enough time to the organizers to recruit other referee.
  • o.86: Penalty for number of referees not respected

Penalty payment amounts to 1000 Euros per referee not present. The amount is due for payment by the federation at the same time as the information is send to the organizer.

Gala Dinner

A Gala Dinner will be arranged on Saturday October 15th, 2016 beginning 8:30 pm, at Fischermann’s Restaurant, located at the harbor in the historic district of Stralsund. This event is limited to about 200 people so that a reservation is necessary. Please send completed registration form for Gala Dinner until September 24th, 2016.

The price is 35 Euros per person. This comprises 1 glass of sparkling wine at the reception, a rich dinner buffet, water at the table and disco dancing. Further drinks are not included and can be ordered individually from the bar. Each federation will receive a reservation confirmation. After this please transfer prepayment until September 24th, 2016 to the following account:

Landesfechtverband MV
IBAN: DE02 1505 0500 0102 0588 81
BIC: NOLADE21GRW (Sparkasse Vorpommern)

Only federations from non-Euro countries may pay in cash at the accreditation office.

Weapon and equipment control

The weapon and equipment control stations will open all days from October 10th to 16th, 2016 according to the schedules. Only equipment for the same or next day’s competition will be accepted for checking. All material has to fulfil the FIE regulations. Logos of the national federations are mandatory on breeches (both legs). The name and nationality of the fencers must be printed on the back of the jacket in line with FIE rules.

List and maximum quantity of equipment for checking

  • Mask 2
  • Under-plastron 2
  • Jacket 2
  • Breeches 2
  • Sabre glove 2
  • Weapon 4
  • Body wire 3
  • Mask wire 3
  • Electric jacket 2

Medical services

Medical services will be available in the competition areas.

FIE Delegation / DT Members

FIE President’s representative: Max Geuter
FIE Referees Delegate: Irina Knysch (RSA)
FIE Medical Delegate: Clare Halsted (GBR)
FIE SEMI Delegate: Gudjon Gestsson (ISL)
DT President: Henri Jansen (BEL)
DT member: Benoit Pincemaille (FRA)
DT member: Jo Rieg (GER)
DT member: Sanjin Kovacic (CRO)